SlowFood’s presidia products from Sicily on the menu of Italian restaurants in the UK

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London – Italian restaurants in London will cook typical Sicilian dishes using at least two SlowFood ingredients: it means only the best local & seasonal food which follows the concepts of “good, clean and fair” and has the official quality assurance labelling status from SlowFood. 

This is the main idea of “Gusta la Sicilia” project which will be introduced in English during the panel discussion Sicilians at the table on Tuesday 14th July 11am at the Italian Cultural Institute. It will be followed by the first dinner of the project which will take place on Wednesday 15th July 7pm at the restaurant Sicily in Epsom.

Sicilians at the table is organized by the association “Comunità Siciliana nel Mondo” – founded by 50 Sicilian towns – under the auspices of the Sicilian Region and with the support of the UK delegation of Federazione Italiana Cuochi (Federation of Italian chefs), the Associazione Professionale Cuochi Italiani UK (Professional Associations of Italian Chefs), Slow Food Sicilia, the Comites, I World, Vini ed Oli di Sicilia, Pasta Trabia, Enzo The Sicilian Chef e Tasting Sicily.

The event will include a performance by the Sicilian actor Gilberto Idonea, well known by Sicilian migrants worldwide. Sicilians at the table is a free tasting occasion with the aim of introducing Londoners to Sicilian cooking cooking and an appreciation of Sicilian culture: the island has the highest number of SlowFood presidia in the world – 40 in total – concentrated in the same geographic area.

A taste workshop will be dedicated to the unique Minuta oil: an expert will explain in English how to recognize extra virgin olive oil and how to appreciate its qualities. The event will shade a light on Marsala as well and on its history related to Britain. It will be followed by a free tasting of honey from black Sicilian bees, Tuminia bread, Trabia pasta, lemon provola from Nebrodi, Maiorchino cheese, caponata, carciofata, cucunci from Salina, baked ricotta and other Slow Food presidia which will be available for the public, together with fichi d’India, cannoli, paste di mandorla, Nebrodi hazelnuts torroncini and Malvasia.

The panel discussion will be attended by Filippo Ricciardi (chairman, Associazione Comunità Siciliana nel Mondo), Lucio Tambuzzo (chairman, I WORLD), Giuseppe Pennino (Agronomist, Executive Manager Sicily Region, Agriculture department), the British writer Geoff Andrews, the sommelier Maurizio Titone, Rosario Gugliotta (president, Slow Food Sicilia), Enzo Oliveri – (Professional Association of Italian Chefs, UK delegation), Salvatore Romano, Andrea Scarpignato and Eugenio Vazzano (founders, Tasting Sicily).
The following night – on Wednesday 15th July at 7pm – there will be the first dinner of the menu “Gusta la Sicilia” for 50 people only: the restaurant is “Sicily” – Epson 34 South street KT18 7PJ.