ABC ECONOMICS held its first Understanding Brexit conference


 London – on Saturday 20 February at the University of Westminster, ABC ECONOMICS held its first Understanding Brexit conference.

Approximately 70 people attended the event, comprising working professionals, entrepreneurs, academics, students and members of MIE (Movimento Italiano in Europa) and the London European Club.

The event – moderated by Paola De Pascali – was also broadcasted live by LondonOneRadio, with an average of 100 people tuned in at all times.

The conference featured a number of keynote speakers.

Luigi Jacopo Borrello, an academic lecturer, outlined the reasons for a in-out referendum, analysing the political scenarios and how the EU-UK relationship is likely to change in case of Brexit.

Giulia Carnà, a contract lawyer, described the framework around Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, explaining the procedures the EU members need to adhere to in order to terminate their membership.

After the coffee break (courtesy of Luadan Future Trade), Stefano Francesco Fugazzi (founder of ABC Economics and author of the bestseller ‘Brexit?’) spoke on the impacts of immigration on occupational wages, presenting the conclusions of a recent Bank of England research paper. Mr Fugazzi observed that “if the UK were to leave the EU, the costs arising from EU regulations would not disappear at all as actually much would depend on what path Britain took outside the EU.

If the UK were to leave the EU to join the European Economic Area (the EEA), it is believed that approximately 93 per cent of the EU’s key regulations would continue to apply.”

Claudio Calogiuri (Solicitor, Partner of Mentor Legal LLP Solicitors) illustrated how immigration law and policies may change under a Brexit scenario. Additionally, Mr Calogiuri remarked on the role of EU nationals in supporting the UK economy.

Conference contents will be published by ABC Economics in due course.


ABC Economics has been cited on several occasions by the media, making a splash on the front pages of Il

Sole 24 Ore and Il Giornale, mentioned by Otto e Mezzo (a TV programme) and by a handful of Italian blogs,

in addition to Wikipedia and a number of US news portals e.g. Zero Hedge, TV channels and UK radio

stations. Additionally, some of our ABC Economics work was translated into and reported by French and

Russian news portals.