The little Heroine Johanna -4 years old-

Luisa Liu
Sometimes we are not on the same page, even though we live in the same area.
Sometimes it is not a matter of you and me, nor a matter of your father and my father, but a matter of your forefather and my forefather. Just like Romeo and Juliet.
Sometimes past wars and conficts influence people’s though and behavior.
It is sad to admit that we are living among judices and sterotype.
Yet Love Your Neighbour”, said genuinely Johanna -4 years old-. She said it in a so genuin way that no argues went on. She said it as if it is the most normal thing. If a 4 years old baby can understand this simple thing -love your neighbour-, why can’t we?
“We are all going to the New Jerusalem, so why can’t we just be happy? Look this flower, it is colourful and it smells… wow! Quarrelling leads nowhere. Why shall we waste time and breath?“.
Short sentences, simple, but deep. Perhaps precisely because of this simplicity, we tend to neglect them.
Sometimes young people are the only one who can remind us so simple things.
Therefore, in this way, the little heroine Johanna has stopped the argue, bringing back the simply feeling of happiness. That’s why she appears in the first page of the magazine Osborne“, which is a “family” business moulded out of a strong sense of partnership with its customers. Osborne is driven by a clear desire to work together in order to solve problems and add value over the long term to make people successful, providing personal culture as well as the professional standards of excellence. The main aim is to establish a supportive environment where creative ideas and solutions are encouraged from everyone involved.
Don’t forget, sometimes just a smile can change your day and the day of people around you. Sometimes the same smile can even change your entire life. Smile, it’s free.