Alessandro Bonacorsi – Alle Tattoo


London marked the beginning of his career, when at the age of thirteen he entered for the first time in a tattoo shop with his mum and realized what he wanted to become. Alessandro Bonacorsi, aka Alle Tattoo, came back several times to London, where he also lived for a while: to catch up with artists, to discuss, to investigate trends and techniques. On November 7 he will be back, special guest of the event Gustoitalia, that celebrate the Italian excellence about food and wine, but not only.

On this occasion the tattoo artist will tell his future plans, will talk about the relationship he has with food, will perform some drawings, will cook along with Gabriella Gasparini, with whom he has written a book called Cotto e Tatuato. This event is a great opportunity to meet him, shake his hand and ask him what are his plans. Among them the initiative between 31 December and 2 January to win for the fourth time the record of the world’s longest tattoo session. A big challenge for a man who recently won another award, because he made a tattoo on himself, sitting on an acrobatic airplane in flight. In London Alle Tattoo will also be starring in a drawing session into a shop, which name is for now still top secret. More details will be disclosed at the showroom of GustoItalia