PER FIRENZE Filmed By Franco Zeffirelli


On Sunday 6 November at 7 pm, The Accademia Italiana will commemorate the terrible Flood which overtook Florence during the Nights of 3 – 4 November 1966 continuing for two more days. The City which 600 years ago gave birth to the Renaissance and the beginning of modern Culture of the Western World, lay submerged!
In some unforgettable images of the event, the great Florentine Film Director Franco Zeffirelli who arrived in Florence early on that first morning, accompanied by a Telecamera obtained by the Italian RAI TV, filmed what must have been for him the most painful images of his career. The film was sent throughout the western world and  THE WORLD RESPONDED  On the evening – after a refreshing Tuscan drink – we shall start by projecting “Per Firenze” with the text read by Richard Burton – a great friend of Zeffirelli – who perfected his Italian in order to do it. We will follow with a talk by the historian and journalist Margherita Calderoni who was one of the “Angeli del Fango” (Angels of the Mud) was only one of the volunteers who came from all over the world to help and clean Florence from the horrible FANGO (MUD) left many months after the flood. A short session of questions and answers will follow.
What the Accademia Italiana wishes to achieve on this special evening, is to remember this event and the reaction of the Florentines – courageous and courageously looking to the future – realising that the world was with them. It was the most amazing understanding of the importance of Culture that we must not let die.

We thank the following Institutions for their kind patronage