Riccardo Moratto: from bullying victim in Italy to TV star in China

Credits: Il Messaggero

London – by Chiara Fiorillo

Riccardo Moratto, a 32-year-old Italian man, has had a very touching life. When he was young, he suffered from bullying at school, but despite this he never gave up. When he grew up, he moved to China, where he is now a popular TV star.

He told LondonOneRadio his story:

Riccardo, you can speak many languages, but how did you learn Mandarin?

For me, languages have always been a way to compensate for something I did not have. Since I was a child, I never had many friends. Because of this, I have always told myself that learning as many languages as possible could be useful for me to find a new friend somewhere in the world. My love for Chinese language was born around 2005 as a personal challenge: I told myself that many people in the world could speak Mandarin, therefore this could be a good choice for me.

When you were at school, you were a victim of bullying. Can you tell us what happened to you and how you managed to cope with this issue?

I was very strong, I must say. Many people are not as strong as me: an example of this is Matteo, a friend of mine, who decided to end his life and commit suicide in his bathroom.

In this occasion, I want to tell every victim of bullying that they should not be afraid to go on and to look for people to talk to. Many people diminish the power of bullying, because they do not understand how dangerous and mortal it can be.

For example, once we went on a school trip and those bullies targeted not only me but also another guy, they took some alcohol and they threw it into our hot water heater. Luckily, we had not turned it on, otherwise it could have been potentially deadly.

You also wrote a book about your experience.

Yes, I wrote it in Taiwan and I would like to publish it in Italian as well to help as many people who suffer from bullying as possible.

In the end, however, you became a TV star in a country that is not yours.

Yes, I have become the first Italian to host a TV show in China. Now, I am hosting three programmes and for me this is great. For me, moving to China has meant experiencing a new culture: one day I will go back to Italy, I hope.

For me, television is, like university, a platform to communicate messages. It can be very powerful.

You can also play the piano.

Yes, it has always been my only friend since I was a child. Every time I was sad and I did not want to speak to someone, I played it and I felt it was sharing its emotions with me. And so did I.


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