Miss Continental UK 2017: The Grand Final


London (Rosita Pirulli) – Miss Continental UK 2017 announced the winners tonight at Clayton Crown Hotel, few minutes far from Willesden Green Station in London. They were Miss Teen Continental UK Anna and Miss Continental UK Carmen.

Photographers, press, judges, and guests were very engaged at the Beauty Contest, organised by Daniela Costin on behalf of Continental Modeling Agency Limited.

Daniela Costin, Miss Continental UK Director

Daniela, at the only age of 17 years old is the director of the whole Beauty Pageant contest that is ran by her annually. Before the final, Daniela told to London One Radio how such contest is important for her and for its participants, because it is not just about beauty, prizes, or crown, but it is about self-confidence, resourcefulness by accepting and discovering their own personalities and bodies.

The Beauty contest is opened to girls aged 12 years old and over from all the world, for this reason at the final there are Miss and Teen Finalists. Daniela supports these girls, also by covering all the other aspects of her Company, making sure that everything is perfect and ready for the final, like tonight. In fact, in her blue and sparkly dress, Daniela was managing all her teams, included the judge, and engaging the audience that appreciated the event which was full of music mixed by Dj Flex, beautiful dresses, and food.

The night presented by Deborah Jay Kelly and opened by the 1st Round Miss Section entertained the audience with the finalists’ performances that were also an opportunity to show their talents such as magic tricks by Angelika Moroz, or dancing Rumba by Anna and Lasha Utalshvili, and many others that were valued, as well as their speeches about their backgrounds.

The girls were well motivated to participate at it to discover the modelling world and improving their future career in fashion, by travelling around the world and bringing their ideas, professionalism ad contributes to other countries.

Miss Continental UK 2017 winners won a sash, a beautiful crown, photoshoot, a Shannen leather jacket, £2000.00 for Miss and £1000.00 for Teens.

The titles won are different such as Miss Talent, Miss Inspiration, Miss Popularity and many others that recognise all participants efforts.

With the collaboration of Shannen Couture, Make Up London Academy, Elsa Boutique and the Asian designer Chena Chhapra, Daniela Costin was able to complete her 2017 session, but now she is ready for the next one.

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