Naples: the most dangerous city on earth according to The Sun


London ( Rosita Pirulli) Naples was ranked as one of the most dangerous city in the world by ‘The Sun’ few days ago.

According to ‘The Sun’ three are the reason that makes Naples ‘a bad city’: gangs like the famous ‘Camorra’, drugs and murders. These are the three key words that scar Naples again in 2017, by forgetting the huge steps forward made in the last few years.

The Sun, categorised as one of the top tabloid newspapers in the UK, has in fact sensitised its data. Naples has of course problems and defaults but it cannot be named as the most dangerous in the world, either being compared to hell or to cities where wars and blood are on the agenda.

How was this research conducted?

In the article the method through which such results were taken was not mentioned as well as the authors of the search.


How did they support the results?

Numerous violent images were the only considerable proof of their research. The descriptions, in the Naples case, are partly based on true facts, but they avoided the improvements made so far.

What emerged on The Sun map and cities’ descriptions is that Naples like Raqqa, St. Louis, Grozny and the rest cities listed, is an inhabitable place because of crimes and consequently unpleasant to visit, where instead there are welcoming people, marvellous viewpoints, interesting traditions to discover and an improving security against the ‘Camorra’ and other issues that have affect it so far.

In fact, relevant journalists, as Roberto Saviano, still condemn ‘Camorra’ by pointing out the emergency needed even in these days to eradicate this criminal system. This is true, Naples is still a victim and tired of Camorra murders, threats, which are fed by a considerable drugs trade visible in the area, but it is not totally being driven down by it. With regards to Mr. Saviano, for example, he has started to eradicate such system by writing books that put black on white recent and past criminal acts deliberately forgotten, shaking up the society.

Such attitude had a considerable influence that now leads Naples to handle its issues through a cultural process that involve new ‘laboratories’, like ‘Massa Critica’  (Critical Crowd), which invite all citizens to take part at their events. At the appointments, areas such as criminality, health, social services, economy etc. are tackled by the group involved, which tries to find solutions that could totally improved the city in the next few years. The aim of such organisations is to wake up the Parliament by passing their political programme able to be approved for the citizens’ security and rights.

Such initiatives followed by urban improvements are making Naples and the whole Italian region well estimated by Italians and tourists, but without forgetting the existing problems, mentioned above, within the territory.


As many other cities in the world, in particular in Western Europe, Naples could be seen as a very difficult city, but is not the worse in Italy and abroad. We cannot forget, in fact, that the recycling of  ‘dirty money’, or the so-called ‘black market’ passes by London, which keeps hiding its mysterious trades that are going to fall down.

The data shown by The Sun should be read carefully, because could mislead and convey a message based on stereotypes that are currently out-dated.