SFCL rewards the best London business of 2017, included LondonONE radio

Gianni Ferrari, SFCL General Secretary, Rosita Pirulli speaker YMT show on LondonONE radio, SFCL President Michela Sola

SFCL (Scuderia Ferrari Club London) rewarded the best London business  of 2017, included LondonONE radio. The Ferrari’s Award Ceremony took place at Bella Cosa Restaurant on Monday 18th, in Canary Warf area.

The event was organised by SFCL President Michela Sola and Gianni Ferrari, SFCL General Secretary, who gave a brief and detailed introduction of their project before the prize giving.

SFCL President Michela Sola and Gianni Ferrari, SFCL General Secretary

As Gianni Ferrari mentioned, SFCL is the Official Member of Scuderia Ferrari Club in the UK, and it is a realm that support all Ferrari’s fans. Their members are Ferrari’s owners or just passionate of the brand, who want to be part of such ‘family’ in order to discover more about the history and the current projects of Ferrari.

Being member of SFCL, Gianni Ferrari added, means having several opportunities and services such as the SFMeets, which are meetings with F1 pilots or experiences like the Factory Tours at Maranello buildings and many other events organised by SFC or by SFCL.

The Christmas Party Award was also a meeting among many London business, who were entertained by music and Italian culinary specialties prepared by the Bella Cosa Restaurant Executive Chef, Antonio Calò already winner of the European Country Inn Chef Contest 2015.

The event then continued with the SFCL Awards 2017 delivery ceremony conducted by the President Michela Sola. The awards, established by the Club, rewarded the companies that during 2017 have distinguished themselves in their professional field.

The awards, divided by categories, were assigned to:

MEDIA AWARD – Philip Baglini, London One Radio’s Editor. To collect the awards was Rosita PirulliYoung Music Talent Show’s speaker. 

NETWORKING AWARD – Sarah Pemberton, Synergie 16’s Managing Director 

MODENA IN THE WORLD – Michele Buono, Manitoba Nigella’s Managing Director

WOMEN & MOTORS – Bernice Catterall, i Miss Motors F’s Promoter

THE DRAKE – Ambro Ianeselli,  Dolce Vita Wines’s Founder 

RED DREAM – Chanise Thompson, Fabulous Mag’s Managing Director 

ENZO FERRARI GOURMET – Antonio Calo’, Bella Cosa Restaurant’s Executive Chef

The Christmas Party Award ended up with President Michela Sola’s greetings and wishes for a Merry Christmas to all participants.