Oxigenia – The innovative technology of drinking water


From Italy to the rest of the EU, included the UK, Oxigenia keeps your body stable, regenerated and with less fatigue.

Everyone could drink it without any distinction, because  there is no ‘strange’ ingredient as you have probably imagined at the first instance. Instead, there is an essential and pure component that makes it unique: more quantity of oxygen.

The idea of such product  came out in Italy with Step-Line, an international dynamic company, with extensive experience, founded over fifteen years ago with the aim of resolving, in an ecological way, problems resulting from the professionals and daily use of water.

Leader of HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Bar) with 3,500 machines installed in more than 1,500 shops, offers “AcquaSteplians” and “Oxigenia” as solutions, reaching  40.000.000 consumers, according to the latest statistics.

The reasons why these consumers chose Oxygenia are related to:

– microfiltration;

– improvement in digestion;

– increase in oxygen: 36 more times;

– certificate and inmetro;

– significative savings

This is also why Oxigenia became a supply of water in the restaurant sector, whose distribution has now even being quite diffused and productive thanks to the installations of new machines, the Matic Plus Oxigenia.

It is easy to use them and get your oxygen water as you need to follow just  two steps: first insert your bottle into it, insert your card in order to choose what type of water you prefer (still, sparkling or effervescent) and then enjoy it. It’s easy ‘like drinking a glass of water’.

Oxigenia, having also participated at Welcome Italia 2017 in London, is also becoming well know within the English territory. However, the EU distribution was already settled before the Italian Event, with Eclipse Europe ltd which is the distributor for England of water machine enriched with 36% more of oxygen for Restaurants, Fitness and Home/Offices.