Eurovision final 2018: Voting closed, Cyprus and Israel are the most favourite

Credit: Eurovision 2018

London (Francesca Bizzarri and Caterina de Martino) – Europe is counting down for the Eurovision final. Who is going to win this 63rd edition?

Started on 8th May, the competition is currently raising suspense at the Atlice Arena, in Lisbon, because tonight is the verdict. Ukraine opened the show this Saturday and people are waiting for the winner. At the moment the top countries candidated for the podium are:

    • Israel, with the song Toy by Netta Barzilai.
    • Cyprus, with Fuego by Eleni Foureira. Apparently it is the most likely to win as it has been defined the new summer hit of 2018
    • Ireland, represented by Ryan O’Shaughnessy’s and his song ‘Together’.  Ryan caught the media’s attention since his song was censored in China because of its LGTB messages. Now the song has got million of listeners and people who wish him as the Eurovision’s winner.

Instead, this time Italy does not appear in the top list. Fabrizio Moro and Ermal Meta’s duet, winners of Sanremo 2018, are performing with “Non mi avete fatto niente”  – You haven’t done anything to me.  They had to shorten their 3:28 minutes song to respect the contest’s regulation, according to which every song can’t last more than three minutes. So, the duet modified only the choruses, in order to keep intact the deep meaning of their song.

The lyrics deals with the thorny situation of the Middle East conflicts as well as the acts of terrorism recently happened in all Europe. Such thematics dealt by the Italian duet signed a significant breakthrough for the Italian music, but will the Eurovision reward it?

Before their last performance at the Eurovision, Meta and Moro just posted on Instagram this picture with a message:

“Anyway it goes, it will be a great honour to sing for all of you. It was a beautiful journey until here and thanks to everyone of you, it was special. My colleague Fabrizio and I thank you and hug you”. 


23.18 BST – The voting is now closed. Cyprus and Israel are the two most favourite countries, but also Sweden is reaching high points by beating out Ireland as many forecasted in the last few days.

23.26 BST – Austria, Sweden and Israel are the top three countries at the moment. Cyprus reached  the 5th place that is preceded by Germany at the 4th place.

23.27 BST – The 43 countries are voting. Only two now left before discover the verdict

23.34 BST – Now the last scored are counted. Sweden at the moment is on the first place

23.37 BST – Now Austria is at the top followed by Germany

23.43 BST – Israel is the winner of this 63rd edition of Eurovision. Netta Barzilai has just won with her song Toy.

About Eurovision Song Contest:

The competition is an enormous televised concert divided in two semi-finals and a final, followed by millions of people all around the world. All 43 participating  countries have to send a singer or a group of maximum 6 people to perform live during the semi-finals. From these performances just 26 are chosen for the Saturday Night Grand Final. These countries can freely decide to send their number one star or a new talent they have just found. The winner of last year was Salvador Sobral who was hosted tonight also to wish good luck to all the participants of this edition.