Anti-europeanism- David Cameron legislation


London- David Cameron leader of Tories since 2005 and Primer Minister of England since 2010 with the vice P.M Nick Glegg ,leader of the Libeberal-Democratic.Cameron in the last general election has had a lot of succes, the first since 1992 after 13 years of labours.His party has taken 36,1% of votes, and 306 seats, a lot but not enough to make a government, because are required 20 seats more. It is unusual situation for U.K called Hugh Parliament, not happend from 36 years. Cameron knew this possibility to go to new elections and did not excluded it, but not before to have tried others solutions; minority government or a coalition of government, this last, the best one solution to have a stable executive. Cameron found the support of Lib-Dem with their useful 57 seats to begin the new administration.

The party that taken off votes from the conservatives, during the last elections on May, has been UKIP, United Kingdom Indipendence Party, the eurosceptic and the most conservative party, his first point is; go out of European Union and to get back all the power allowed until now to the European Institution, and to be free from strict rules determinated by the organs of the Union. The issues of the party are to change the rules in the economic area, to delete the ecological european rules, to change immigration rules and to establish new relations with the foreign Countries. All those UKIP priorities has been approved by a lot of british people, it collected around 20% of consents during the last administration elections. This is an alarm to the Conservatives that have to decide the good strategy to stop the improve the UKIP consens, but they are not agree with each other; part of them tought that would be better to do a coalition with the first enemy party, others consider UKIP just as an opponent to beat because it was able to represent the anti-european sentiment but it could not to do a good policy.This phenomenon there is not only in the U.K, also in others Countries there is a strong Eurosceptic moviment, it gather support in all Europe Countries because there are differents common problems: the economic crisis, the immigration increas, and also deficit democratic. Also, the british people are disappointed respect the Germany leadership and to send money to other Countries. Cameron to deal this escalation about UKIP, to reassure his voters, he is committed to renegotiate the U.K position in Europe, to find power balance in the European istitutions. He has announced also a Referendum to 2017, and that has split his majority, because some of them think that date is to far away, others say that it should not be done. A lot of them, and the population as well know that the challenge is now, up to the end of legislation, that is in 2015, not in 2017. The governement and ministers know well the difficult situation about the complicate referendum choise, but now that is good to resist to UKIP. Laura Sandys, as leader of Conservative Mainstream, told about economic damage in case the U.K will go out E.U, and this is the same banks position. It would be a future unsure but a lot of people want to try.