The Brain a “Perfect machine”


London – Brain’s study has always fascinated millions of people, bringing several scientists to be interest in its many facets. How many people know, the “Perfect machine” is the pinnacle of nervous system of living beings.

But how do this “Perfect machine” works? And why had it always fascinated both scientific and not-scientific words? The brain is composed of about 100 billion nervous cells (neurons) that transmit some information through electrical impulses.

Neurons communicate with each other at special junctions where chemicals help to bridge the distance between one neuron and the next one. Thanks to these nervous cells, you can do many different things such as thinking, doing actions, reacting, etc.

The brain receives these impulses directly from your senses: feel, hear, taste, smell and sight. You are able to recognize the odour of something that it is familiar to you, because the smell fixes better than other senses in your “Perfect machine”.

So now you understand that when you do an action, for example to raise your arm, in your body are transmitted millions of impulses that bring the information to the brain. In the end we can say that nervous impulses are at the base of each single movement. All this occurs in normal condition of the brain; when drugs and alcohol affect it, they break neurons and slow down connections between them. This effect is commonly seen on people that use drugs. In some moments they have peaks of euphoria because drugs help to speed the connections; then when this effect ends, the speed of nervous impulses decreases, destroying connections between neurons. Thus it is important to take care of ourselves, to pay attention to our habits that could be dangerous for our fundamental organs’ functions.