Sara Galimberti comes back with her new electro-dance single, “High Heels”


At the end of each episode of “Tacco12!…E non solo“, a programme that goes on air on La7d, whoever was paying enough attention was already able to catch the notes of High Heels: that’s the title of the new single by Sara Galimberti, an electro-dance song with some pop vibes in it, way different from the songs the singer has produced since her participation at the Sanremo Festival in 2007.

When I was asked by the producers of “Tacco12!.. E non solo” to write and compose the opening song of the programme, I was both deeply honoured and astonished. A minute later, though, I was already working on it. I thought about how to create a song that could suit a glamour programme, with a public mainly made up of women and that could, at the same time, express that powerful feeling each woman gets when she’s wearing a 5-inch heel“, she said. She then added: “Starting from that sensation I started to explore sounds and atmospheres that had a 80s vibe, as well as modern and daring bits in them. High Heels is a song that represents me: fresh, gritty and energetic. I see it as a nice electro-dance break inside my repertoire. Shortly, I will go back working on my upcoming album, which has a melodic rock vibe to it. In the meanwhile I hope many people will dance to High Heels, available on iTunes and other music platforms.

Sara Galimberti is not stopping her live activities either: she has been playing in some of the most famous cultural events all around Italy, like the “Le Giornate di Cinema della Basilicata” in Maratea and the “Premio Nazionale dell’Accoglienza”, where she shared the stage with more than just well-known artists, like Al Bano and Massimo di Cataldo. On August 27th, she will receive the award for “Songwriter of the Year”, during the Premio Stelle del Sud event, in Camigliatello Silano.


with high
 heel, born
 heel, born with high heel, born with high heel.

When i was too young dreaming like a child, feeling everywhere
beauty by my side.

When i was too young
dreaming like a child, walking through my way
feeling everyday that i was

Born with high heel, born with high heel,
born with high heel,
born with high heel,
born with high heel.


Testo e musica: Sara Galimberti

Mix: Nerio Poggi “Stratisound Studio”

Mastering: Max Paparella “Groove Sound Design”

Special Thanks to Fabrizio Foggia, Stefano Pallotti, Marco Falorni, Tommaso Martinelli, Cataldo Calabretta, Nicola Timpone e Rossella Deliso.

High Heels is available on iTunes: