“London Calling”… and Italian gastronomy answers!

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By Valentina Celi

The first edition of “London Calling” has just wrapped up, fulfilling its aim to represent the high quality of Italian culinary excellence in Britain.

Four days full of events to satisfy even the most demanding palates: this is “London Calling”, the event that sparked the first week of September in the British capital, with the intent to “promote the gourmet food made in Italy through a tasty and multi-sensory journey, involving Italian and British importers companies in the B2B meetings “.

The idea stems from the intuition of Confcooperativa and Confartigianato of the Emilia Romagna Region and the need to facilitate contacts between foreign countries and small and medium-sized Italian companies, the ones who most of all have suffered because of the economic crisis, and who are now seeking redemption thanks to the high quality and craftsmanship of their products.

Here is the complete list of companies that have taken part in “London Calling”:

“4 Madonne”, Dairy Farm, Lesignana (MO)

“Acetaia La Bonissima”, Balsamic vinegar makers, Casinalbo (MO)

“Attinà”, Preserved food factory, Villa San Giovanni (RC)

“Bardini” Chocolatiers, Piacenza (PC)

“BAUM”, Fair Trade, Ferrara

“Busuoli” Pastry, Mirandola (MO)

“Cantina Settecani”, Wine makers, Settecani Castelvetro di Modena (MO)

“Cantina Solopaca”, Wine makers, Solopaca (BN)

“La Contadina”, Preserved food factory, Sant’Antonio Abate (NA)

“Salumificio La Rocca”, Cured pork meat factory, Castell’Arquato (PC)

“Sapori del Duca”, Gastronomic Company, Pesaro

The young and dynamic team of INDIGO – International business developer, was in charge of the organizational part, and not only it garnered the support of some of the most interesting companies in the area, but it also increased the participation by going beyond the borders of the Emilia Romagna region, and involving some innovative factories from Southern Italy.

In the past days we had at LondonONEradio’s microphones one of the organizers, Daniele Catalano, who told us in detail the “London Calling” concept and gave us an insider’s perspective of the project; listen again to the interview on LondonONEradio.

To promote the Italian culinary excellence in the UK, the organisational team has given free rein to the creativity of the managers of the famous “Bacco”, Italian restaurant, who realized an ad hoc menu, to bring out the the maximum from the products, even adding some artistic twists.

Some of the courses of the “London Calling” dinner at Ristorante Bacco
Some of the courses of the “London Calling” dinner at Ristorante Bacco

Bystanders were able to enjoy the company of the producers, who have done their utmost to best explain the pursuit of quality of the raw materials and special processes used in processing their products, which were then tasted thanks to a six-course dinner, in which the Calabrian chef Andrea Librandi was able to give the right push to sponsored products, while enhancing the flavours of the interesting selection of wines.

The menu and wine list selected to represent Italian companies at London Calling
The menu and wine list selected to represent Italian companies at London Calling

In short, “London Calling” … and Italian gastronomy answers!