Pizza Toscana, a typical and unmatched handmade creation, was born in 2003 at La Bussola, Florence’s oldest pizzeria since 1960. By using Tuscan pecorino cheese rather than mozzarella, and chopped local tomatoes rather than passata, drizzled with Tuscan extra virgin olive oil as the base ingredients before adding other toppings, this different and totally Tuscan pizza practically became an overnight success. And not just with the locals, but with an international clientele.

Located in the heart of Florence and virtually next door to the British Embassy, whose staff patronised the restaurant daily and still do, Stefano Cresci’s father was constantly asked when they would open such a restaurant in London. When Stefano took over the family business, he stayed true to its value but with his more international outlook, he realised that London was ready for a Tuscan pizza. The ‘brand’ was created, and the first Pizza Toscana opens in in the heart of London in Wardour Street on 16 November 2016.

With 92 seats spread over three floors, Pizza Toscana embraces all that is traditional Tuscan – from the wood oven by Valoriani, the cutlery by Pinti, whilst the wood for the tables comes from the Chianti area. And all the products of course, are from Tuscany.

From the heart of Florence to the heart of London, You are invited to experience Pizza Toscana, opening on 16 November 2016 in Wardour Street.

Your invitation is enclosed and we look forward to your rsvp.