The Sardinian Porceddu sardo (a sweet flavoured suckling pig) goes to conquer London


London- (Caterina Belloni) Thanks to the cooperation with Sardinia wines and Antonello Salis, in fact, Monday 7th of November you can taste the pork cooked following the traditional recipe of the island in the first Festival of Sardinian procedure hosted by the United Kingdom. One more element to make known to the English-speaking world the delights of Italy.

The occasion will be the Gusto Italia show room, held in the ballroom of the Sheraton Hotel and that will see Sardinia depicted with numerous exhibitors. A leading role lies with the delegation of the Association Centro Storico Sa Costa of Bosa, which promotes the Bosa Wine Festival and will present its wines in London scenario. In the stalls set up for the region, sponsoring the event together with the municipality of Bosa, however, will be offered even the rice from Oristano, some other typical products, the mineral water Smeraldina. There will be men and women in traditional costume, will be revealed the wonders of the filet, the embroidery that made it famous and now comes in Bosa with thousands of shapes, from traditional lace to the recent production of textile jewellery. A terrific opportunity to discover a part of the island and describe its beauty.

Among the exhibitors engaged in fair, in fact, you will find wood and restoration experts, exhibitors of knives, craftsmen specialized in making traditional masks. “We’ll get to Bosa with a delegation of at least twenty people between companies and volunteers – says Mario Stara, President of Associazione Centro Storico Sa Costa promoting Bosa Wine Festival-. We will propose to the public, made up of buyers, distributors, chefs and experts, the peculiarities of our production, from food to wine up to the elements of artistic craftsmanship. This is our second visit to London and we are keen to continue this partnership with Gusto Italia to promote our wealth beyond the Italian borders. The idea is that you tighten trade relations, but also that you convince new tourists to reach Bosa and Sardinia, developing the market for travel and hospitality”.