Giacomo Borri



As long as the Brexit goes on, more and more questions arise out. The last one regarding the UK residence rights of EU citizens, as been asked to the Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May by the MP Alberto Costa. He asked her an assurance that would allow him not be involved or vote upon a legislation that would remove these rights. She replied that her interest is to protect these rights. She said that she consider herself able to guarantee the aforementioned rights. Not only, she also wants to provide some sort of warranty even for the rights of UK citizens in the EU. That’s what she hopes for.


The changes that Brexit is bringing with it are constantly evolving, everyone is getting nervous and anxious about his rights and those of his fellow citizens, but the PM seems pretty confident about her capabilities and about the future. Many of the negative aspects of the Brexit are expected to disappear in the long run, that’s why it is recommended to stay calm and bite the bullet in this period of transition.