Sadiq Khan has stopped the purchase of new routemasters buses

Credits: Study British English Ltd

London – by Rosita Pirulli

New ideas and decisions are opening 2017 in London: the mayor Sadiq Khan has scrapped the purchase of the new ‘Routemasters buses’ introduced by Boris Johnson in 2012. These buses were designed by Heatherwick Studio with the aim of reducing pollution: they are hybrid diesel-electric double-deckers.

Now the current Mayor has stopped their usage around the city and he is already receiving the corroboration by TFL (Transport For London). The former bus driver’s son aims to cut London’s costs.

In fact, Boris Johnson’ s project was criticised by most of the diplomats because of the huge amount of money needed to buy the buses: indeed, they request £50.000 more than the others, reaching a total of £350.000 each. Similarly, other critiques and fears came from the solutions, such as implied redundancies of bus drivers to save £10m for those vehicles.

By contrast, Sadiq Khan’s initiative does not seem to bring hard consequences, as he is already planning to invest on 3000 new buses with Euro IV standard emission by 2020, without facing any hostility. Furthermore, this route propels to plan other low cost civil programs with low environmental risks, such as £770m to enforce cyclist infrastructure or £885m to fight pollution. At the moment, these figures seem to be uphold by the majority.

So, cropped costs and environmental commitments are the protagonists of this year. Sadiq Khan is trying to make London easier to live, facing the needs and problems of most of the citizens, represented by English people as well as by immigrants.