Giuseppe Verdoni presents Italian beer in London at The Italian Job

Photo credits: Perini Galliano srl

London – by Chiara Fiorillo

Giuseppe Verdoni is one of the founders of The Italian Job, a brewery and pub opening in Notting Hill, London, on 17 March 2017.

He spoke to London One Radio, the Official Italian Radio in London.

How is your project going?

We are working very hard. We will open the brewery on St Patrick’s Day, therefore it will be a very special event to celebrate beer. We opened our first pub in Chiswick two years ago, but The Italian Job is our biggest project.

What does Italy prefer: beer or wine?

Ours is a culture of wine, but beer is growing a lot. This is the reason why many pubs selling artisan beer are opening at the moment.

How many types of beer do you have?

At the moment, we have 16, but we can change them more than once in a year. We may have up to 100 different kinds, because we will change our menu from time to time.

Do English people like Italian beer?

They have different tastes, so we try to sell more ales, for example. They are usually less alcoholic than artisan beer.

Are you worried Brexit will affect your project?

We will see what happens as now there is much uncertainty. We already pay a lot to import beer, so I do not think there will be much difference. Now, we are thinking to start producing Italian beer here in London, so that we do not have to import it anymore.

You will also cook Italian food.

From pasta to meat to cold cuts, we will have a wide range of food available. There will also be a choice of wine to choose from.


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