Ed Sheeran: the success of a common guy. The dates of his gigs around the world

Credits: pmtonline

London – by Philip Baglini Olland

Why is Ed Sheeran so loved?  What special secret does this guy have that made him the most-paid pop star of all times?

Son of the art curator John Sheeran and of the jewellery designer Imogen Lock, he grew up in West Yorkshire. In 2008 he went to London to follow his artistic aspiration , where he started making concerts in small pubs with a few people. When he could not find any place to play, he played in the street.

This seems like a Hollywood screenplay, but it is just the life of a guy that has seduced the world with a simple guitar.

In 2010, Sheeran started to post some videos on his YouTube channel and, believing in music, he flew to Los Angeles where he gathered many fans. Then, he started featuring Just Jack and one year later the rapper Example asked him to go with him on his tour.

Credits: Sick Chirpse

In 2011 Sheeran published his independent EP, No. 5 Collaboration Projects, which sold more than 7.000 copies in a week. This was the beginning of his great success.

He wrote the song Moments for One Direction and he sang Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd during 2012 Olympics Games closing ceremony.

In 2015, he sent a message to his followers, saying that he would take a pause from his phone, emails and social networks for a bit. But he came back in Autumn with his new album.

People like Ed: he is the friend everyone wants to have, the person you would like to talk to because he has not let his success change his personality. This is demonstrated by the fact that most of his gigs are sold out months before they take place: a clear example is the concert at O2 Arena in London, where he had to arrange a 4th date!

Credits: Sick Chirpse

He focused on music and on themes and texts that, thanks to their simplicity, are the voice of great topics. His success is not only due to his music, but also to the way he is. He is the mirror of a generation which is often forgotten and does not find any landmark.

Ed Sheeran got his success by working hard every day, knowing that, even though one day reflectors will enlighten someone else, he will still be brilliant, because he shines on his own light and he does not need anything else. Because he is and he will always be Ed.

Dates of gigs