Peaky Blinders, the Best Drama Series is issuing a 5th series for 2019

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London (Francesca Bizzarri e Caterina de Martino) – Peaky Blinders has been awarded as the Best Drama Series TV BAFTAs and the creators have announced that Peaky Blinders will return for a fifth serie in 2019. 

Most of the English people knows – or at least have heard about – the worldwide success of the drama serie Peaky Blinders, available on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

For those who want to discover for the first time the story, here you go some insights reported as well as a short briefing of our interview with Luca Zizzari who interprets ‘Matteo’ in the series. 

So, having understood it is a British crime drama, Peaking Blinders was born by an idea of Steven Knight and now aired on BBC Two since 13 September 2013. The serie takes place in Birmingham after the conclusion of World War I and it deals with the events involving the Peaky Blinders gang, composed by the members of the Shelby family. Particularly, the focus is on the ambitious boss and patriarch Tom Shelby (Cillian Murphy), left disillusioned after his experience in war. Unfortunately for them, they comes to the attention of the Chief Inspector Chester Campbell (Sam Neill), a detective sent from Belfast by Winston Churchill to suppress disorders in Birmingham. Gradually the gang starts to distinguish itself entering in international traffics.

About the third season, where the gang’s world starts to become more dangerous, TV news company Screen Rant has said: “The season revolves around the notion of social classes and empires, and how they rise and fall with a startling sort of predictability. As the show suggests, over time, empires become too big, too corrupt, and too complicated to sustain themselves and eventually, they collapse.”

But what is the secret of such an huge success?

We think that the key is in the attention that the creator pays to the details. Above all, impressive is his ability to link the events that happen to a single family to the history of Birmingham in those years, of which the whole drama is a great celebration.

The creators have announced that Peaky Blinders will return for a fifth serie in 2019.

Who is Luca Zizzari? 

Credit: / Luca Zizzari, Peaky Blinders’ actor who interprets ‘Matteo’

In the 4th season of Peaky Blinders is involved the Italian actor Luca Zizzari, who plays the rule of Matteo, the brilliant branch of the famous American actor and producer Adrien Broody (Luca Ciangretta in the tv serie). Luca Zizzari comes from Legnano, a small Italian city near Milan, and with his hard work has been able to study drama in the UK. After an attempt to attend university in Italy and in the United Kingdom he dropped his studies to focus his energies on the labour market. He decided to take up different jobs to learn English in a more appropriate way earning some money at the same time. His jobs went from working in an airline company to teaching to children with down syndrome. In fact, his dream couldn’t have become true if he wasn’t enough determined to face everyday problems. At least this is what he said in the interview he had with us, in which he stated how important his passion has been in his career, the same determination that set the sparkle into fire. As the actor said to us, in the acting world, as well as in the acting business, based on more economic stuff, you don’t have just to hope that things will come on your way: you truly have to trust in yourself.

“There are negative aspects in hope, but not in faith; you have to believe in yourself first and then in your career, accepting that what you’re doing is real. There’s no secret formula, if that’s what you want to do and still no success, you just have to keep going.” – Luca Zizzari said on London One Radio and then he underlined: 

“Self-confidence is about competence: if you know what you’re doing and you believe in what you do, that’s the right direction. Enjoying what you do meanwhile earning money, that’s it.”

His rule in Peaky Blinder came after his first movie, that he did with his wife too. In this drama Zizzari, as an upstanding citizen, had the possibility to appreciate and not to judge the gangster lifestyle. He felt deeply connected to the emotional condition of the character he plays and in general compassionate about this choice of living.

The talented actor revealed that he is actually taking part of a new film with his wife’s help: in this project is included the collaboration with the well known director Carlo Gabriel Nero (Franco Nero’s son, the famous Italian actor).

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