However, who was Meghan before meeting Harry?


London – Meghan Markle is well known for being the future wife of Prince Harry. However, who was Meghan before meeting Harry?

The famous actress had many love stories before meeting her prince. According to the future princess, Meghan had six boyfriend throughout her life. One of them was a rapper who also worked in the pornographic industry.

When she went to Buenos Aires she met an argentine magnate with whom she started a love affair. Furthermore  she had  a relationship with the actor and screenwriter Shaun Zaken who also attended the Northwestern University of Chicago (Meghan Markle’s University)

Shaun Zaken
Shaun Zaken

Nowadays Shaun writes comedies and he used to play the role of a waiter in an episode of Sex and the city. During the fresher year at Univesity, she fell in love with Steve Lepore, a star of basketball. After breaking up with Steve, she met ( at the same University)  a rich student and they had a relationship which lasted  nine-month.

Steve Lepore
Steve Lepore

She has been married to the Hollywood producer Trevor Engelson but their marriage lasted only two years.


Now Meghan Markle’s life has changed. In fact she has to follow important rules about her ways of behaving ,dressing. Since Meghan is a royal-in-waiting, her look has experienced a radical transformation, her clothes are classy, refined and simple at the same time. Her new appearance makes her look like an extremely up-to-date royal.


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