Money Heist, the Spanish TV series, is releasing a new season for 2019


London (Francesca Bizzarri and Caterina de Martino) – The non-English-language series, Money Heist,  raises a global success in a very short time. In fact, it is now the most-watched Spanish series ever on Netflix, as the streaming service wrote in its 2018 letter to shareholders recently.

The heist thriller series was originally created by Alex Pina for Spain’s Antena 3 with 15 episodes divided in two parts (9 and 6). Netflix bought it in December 2017 changing the duration and the number of the episodes, which became 22. The 9 episodes of Part 2 were worldwide released last April.

The Plot

Well-known in Spain as “La Casa de Papel” (litterally The House of Paper), it follows the plan of the mysterious criminal mastermind known as ‘El Profesor’ (Álvaro Morte), which is about to organise an epic heist. For his purpose he recruits eight multi-talented thieves code-named after famous cities, watching their moves in his base of operation. The team has to infiltrate in the Royal Mint of Spain and take 67 hostages while their hirer manipulates the police in a verbal chess game with Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño), the police inspector who is committed of dealing with the criminals in order to release the hostages.

A third season will be issued in 2019

Although the series was originally conceived with a closed ending, Netflix has recently announced that a third season will be produced exclusively for the platform and it will be out in 2019. If some of the scenes will include tnew heists planned by ‘El Profesor’, it is not confirmed whether Tokyo and the other criminals will be back or not.

The upcoming season trailer shows some men dressed like this series’ robbers, who are walking through Turkey’s streets with Dalì masks. This scene has provoked a scandal in Turkey, as the spot is seen as an incitement against the president Erdogan. Because of that, Netflix has been accused of being pro-American. However, without showing murders, gun shootings and violence, the eight robbers have been able to gain the public opinion consent.

So, in few months the series has became an international phenomenon with a big influence over its audience, becoming well-known also thanks to its soundtrack that is apparently one of the most listened track on Spotify. Additionally, in regards to the music used, “Bella Ciao” –  the anthem of the anti-Fascist resistance – is also part of this TV series. The song is well fitting to ‘El Professor’ character, who wants to undermine the political order.

For such a reason Money Heist has been defined as a  cultural phenomenon which leads everyone to discuss about the series’ meaning. The background of the whole serie is focused on a political system that wants a ‘money-making society’, which is against the disadvantaged people including the robbers and their financial trouble.