Pope Francis asks for peace and dialogue for the fight between Israel and Palestine

Credit: Daniel Ibanez/CNA

(Caterina de Martino and Vincenzo Maria Iorio) – Pope Francis has just asked for peace and dialogue after the fight between Palestine and Israel, claiming that violence does not bring peace. 

Such controversy between Palestinians and Israelis is a long lasting conflict that puts down its roots in decades ago, and it reached dangerous levels over the last few as both countries have been always claiming Jerusalem as their capital.

Israel is currently occupying both the West (where their Parliament is situated) and the East side of the city, which is contended by the Palestinians who are claiming it for themselves.

This is the reason why the relocation of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem has been seen controversial, as it appears to favourite Israel rather than showing their neutrality.

“Big day for Israel. Congratulations!”  said on Twitter the US President. In December, he already announced the decision to move the US Embassy in Jerusalem, raising lots of protests worldwide. Although he is not the only US president supporting this idea – Bill Clinton and George W. Bush had the same intention too – he is the first to keep his word. So, the opening ceremony of the US embassy took place on 14th May that also coincides with the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. At the ceremony Trump’s daughter Ivanka, her husband and some members of Congress participated too.

The Trump administration says that this move was to ‘create a better dynamic for peace’ and that it will help stability. But it seems that the US delegation doesn’t plan to meet any Palestinian authority.

In the meantime, lots of Palestinians protesters created disorders near the border with Gaza calling for the right to go back to their territory. Israeli soldiers had the permission to open fire against them, killing at least 60 people last Tuesday  and injuring thousands of them. Israeli authorities justified their action saying that they shot, in order to kill some terrorists among the protesters, who were trying to detonate a bomb. The US are trying to take this situation apart, but they claims no responsibility about it.

Just today the Pope has intervened in the argument asking for a pacific dialogue, saying on Twitter:

“I express my deep sorrow for dead and injured people in the Holy Land and in the Middle EastViolence that brings peace. War calls war, violence calls violence. For this reason, I invite all the interested parties and the international community to renew the engagement so that there will prevail dialogue, justice, peace.’