London (Giulia Faloia) – Giovanni and Claudia are Lidia’s parents, a two month child affected by a serious genetic disease. As every admission for such an illness it requires a long time in the hospital and also a lot of money.

Duodenale atresia is the name of the monster they are fighting. A newborn out of the 20.000 suffers for it. Lidia was born prematurely and she needs specific healings and surgeries.

In fact Lidia will have to spend many months in St George Hospital in Tooting close London and her parents must face considerable expenses such as rent flat in Weybridge, light, water and food.

But – unfortunately – this isn’t the whole story. In fact the couple, who comes from Siracusa, received an eviction notice at the beginning of the month. Within the 30th of September they will have to leave their home and they have no solution at the moment because they had spent everything for traveling to Lidia.

The need for money pushed Lidia’s parents to ask for help. Not only people, but also media have a big role in this run for solidarity. 

Lidia’s dad said: “We are asking for help to friends, relatives and every good-hearted person who don’t know us but who could relieve our pain”.

Whoever wants to lend a hand can join the cause on facebook. The ones who don’t want to rely on internet for payments can use the mum’s datas. SWIFTBIC: BARCGB22; IBAN: GB26 BARC 2090 7473 0456 25). Hashtag: #keep_fighting_Lidia.

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