GIANLUCA MECH – The guru of personal wellness


(by Stefania Del Monte)

Gianluca Mech is the only heir to an ancient tradition that has seen his family at the centre of the arts and secrets of herbal medicine in Italy for centuries. In 1987, as soon as he was of age, he took over the reins of the company: thanks to the teachings of his father Giovanni and his grandmother Adelaide, and thanks to the experience gained in the field of food and herbal medicine, he managed to give new strength and impetus to the company, even beyond national borders.

We met him to find out more about his story.

Gianluca, what is Phytotherapy?

The term “Phytotherapy” derives from the Greek “Phytòn”, which means “plant”, but at the same time also “creature”. This twofold meaning encompasses the essence of phytotherapy: plant and man. In a general sense, it is the practice that involves the use of plants or plant extracts for the care and maintenance of mental and physical wellbeing.

Your company has been operating since 1911 and you have been part of it for over thirty years. What exactly do you do?

It is a herbal company, whose strength is precisely that of using the properties of plants in our proposed weight loss programs. In particular, we are producers and distributors of products obtained from Decottopia, or the therapy of the “ten plants”. It is an ancient process of officinal herbs processing, handed down over the centuries from father to son, up to me, the current custodian of the industrial secrets that are the heart of the company activities: extracts that base their uniqueness and exclusivity thanks to their absence of alcohol, sugars, preservatives and gluten. From the experience gained in the Decottopia, specific dietary foods were then developed which constitute the innovative “Global Tisanoreica diet program”, developed and tested in collaboration with the Mech Lab of the University of Padua.

Can you tell us more about both Decottopia and Tisanoreica?

Of course! My family has a 500-year-long tradition of observing, experimenting and using the properties of plants. Our green ketosis has allowed us to enhance, through the detoxifying properties of plants, the slimming effects of the diet proposed by us, reducing side effects to zero. From the decottopia, according to the method already explained above, decottopyrics are obtained: food supplements proposed to improve the nutritional status, optimizing the general well-being condition and promoting, at the same time, the normal physiological functions of the body. These can be combined with the diet but also taken outside of a real diet program. You can also drink pure or diluted with water.

The products of Decottopia are fundamental throughout the whole journey of the Tisanoreica diet protocol. Our body, in fact, in addition to needing to lose weight, needs to cleanse itself every day to keep fit and above all to give us that feeling of wellbeing that we seek so much. Associating Decottopia with the Tisanoreica diet phases means choosing extraordinarily pure and totally natural products not only in the formulation, but also in the processing and conservation processes.

The absence of preservatives, alcohol, sugars and gluten also makes Decottopia ideal for different categories of people such as diabetics, children over 5 years, celiacs, the elderly and vegans.

We recently saw you on television with Ricette all’italiana (Rete4) and L’ingrediente perfetto (LA7). What did you draw from those experiences?

These are experiences that have allowed me to get to know and collaborate with great personalities from the world of entertainment such as Davide Mengacci, Anna Moroni and Roberta Capua, who have also proved to be generous and helpful people. Thanks to these two programs, moreover, I had the pleasure of sharing the set with producer Elio Bonsignore, a professional who always favours quality. On the basis of all this, it is easy to guess that both broadcasts have helped to consolidate my television path too.

Would you like to repeat them?

Obviously yes, since both experiences are part of my present. For example, with the perfect ingredient, together with the excellent Roberta Capua, I will return to La7 at the end of March. Recently, with Roberta, we also shared a beautiful event at Casa Sanremo, during the Sanremo Festival, focused on the importance of plants for the voice, which was also attended by conductor Claudio Guerrini and specialist in Otolaryngology and Audiology Marco De Vincentiis, and it was a great success. Now, however, I can’t wait to embrace her again on the set to enter, once again, into the homes of many viewers who continue to follow us with affection and interest.

Your company profile describes you as the ‘personal wellner of the stars’. We could therefore define you as a kind of wellness guru. What exactly is the role of a “personal wellner“?

My mission has always been to help others stay healthy, directing them towards a healthier lifestyle, which allows them to achieve a good quality of life. This healthy lifestyle is even more sought after among celebrities and the show business. The variety of our natural and scientifically tested products, combined with personalized suggestions, allows people to better face and manage the difficulties and stress during the change process, aimed at achieving psychophysical wellbeing.

Being a specialized nutritionist, what do you recommend to people who want to get in shape in time for the summer?

It’s simple: take care of yourself through good purification, take care of the quantity and quality of the food that you introduce into your body and, if necessary, follow a dietary path by being directed by specialized personnel. For example, our experts can help to achieve the established results, not only quickly but also in perfect health.

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