The economy of italian food


Excellence and quality are the keywords that characterize the Italian healthy food in London, today. Especially the products from Puglia and Campania get widespread appreciation of Londiners and Italian people that live in London. Many events wherein a lot of little enterprises sponsored their Italian traditional food, took place in this London summer.

In one of the most event in London about food, we met the InnovaPuglia S.p.a manager, Cristina de Vita and we asked her which types of products the Puglia region wants to promote in London. She told us that the Puglia region wants to promote the products with an registered high quality brand, the organic products, and it also supports the certified farm of flowers.

“With this European brand the customers can know what they eat and it also makes possible the traceability of all products. We want guarantee the highest quality for the consumer”, told her.

We interviewed the little and middle producers that promoted their Puglia products in this important event. There were al lot of stands that promoted different healthy products and Italian traditional food, we met Mr Povia, the manager of Ti fa bene company, that is a maker of biological biscuits with almonds or with wholemeal cereal. We also interviewed the Granoro and Santa Candida enterprises, both producer of Italian pasta.

The first one is sponsored like your everyday First choice, the maximum quality every day, and Santa Candida produces only Italian organic Khorasan wheat Pasta.

There was a lot of wine makers, the Vetrere company, located in Apulia, whose the main strength is the white wine of Salento and the farm of Count Onofrio Spagnoletti Zeuli, producers of Olive oil and wine from 1600. We also met the general managers of Al Bano Carrisi, The Pajare and I Pastini companies, makers of red and white wines in the Salento area and the Olpe of Marco enterprise, that sponsors the olive oil not as a condiment but like an aliment for each day.

In our interview to Cristina de Vita, we asked which kind of customers buy the Puglia products. She told us that the customers are various, families and also great hotel managers or great chain of stores in the food service, and the prices of these Italian traditional foods are different.

But when we asked the same question to stand managers from Puglia, the answers was different. In effect each manager told us that you cannot find their products in a normal supermarket but in selected shops yes, and usually just the customers with an high income buy these products. “The consumers are selected, the products are destined to niche customer “, told us the managers of I Pastini and Count Spagnoletti Zeuli enterprises.

“We don’t leave the enterprises alone, the Puglia region is the only one that helps the producers. They didn’t pay their stand today, the Puglia region had paid it for them”, told yet the manager, Cristina de Vita.

But the Puglia region is not the only one. Effectively in the same event we met Fulvio Martusciello, member of European Parliament and assessor of production in Campania that told us: “ today the producers pay just the products transport, they have not to pay nothing else because the region pays the stands for their.“ We asked him how the Campania region supports little and middle companies of south of Italy.

Certainly, he told us, this region, supports the made in Campania, it promotes the creation of new markets and it helps the starts up, the enterprises in their initial productive stage. “Today, he continued, I’m satisfied, the result is great and we didn’t expect so many companies”.

And now we have just to wait another great event about Italian traditional food in September : Welcome Italia!