“A.B.C. Italia (Abbiamo Bisogno di Crescita)”

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After publishing “Idee per l’Italia” in 2013, Stefano Fugazzi once again comes to term with Italy’s economic issues in his new work “A.B.C. Italia (Abbiamo Bisogno di Crescita)”. Here the author presents a number of proposals aimed at revamping the economic fortunes of Italy and mainland Europe.

The book – introduced by Antonio Maria Rinaldi, Professor at Gabriele d’Annunzio University of Chieti-Pescara –conveys one simple and straightforward message: halting Italy’s economic decline is possible provided that Europe’s policymakers take a firm stand in solving the area’s long standing monetary and political deficiencies.

“As nowadays most policies are designed in Brussels – observes the author of “A.B.C. Italia” – it would make sense for the European Union to fine-tune the mechanisms which have so far prevented the Eurozone from becoming an optimal currency area. The aim is to ensure that the monetary area acts in the best interest of its constituting elements i.e. its citizens and enterprises. If this simple objective cannot be achieved then domestic policy makers won’t be able to pursue reforms and thus promote the sustainable development of Europe”.

After explaining the anomalies and deficiencies which have affected the region for most of the past two decades, the author presents a series of measures aimed at revitalising the European and the Italian economies. “The goal of this short but intense book – explains Stefano Fugazzi – is to throw a stone into the pond of institutional inertia, illustrating some of the most significant measures of economic policy which could be articulated to end the worst crisis in Italian history since World War II”.
In “A.B.C. Italia” the author illustrates a range of proposals aimed at salvaging Italy’s SMEs, highlighting how any policy decision taken by the ECB, if correctly calibrated, could assist the economic rebirth of the Nation; however the author notes that his Country needs also to simultaneously address a number of endogenous issues which originate from the pre-monetary union days.
Fugazzi’s latest publication gives the reader an interesting insight on what needs to be done to kick-start the economic reconstruction of the Italian Nation. The proposals contained in “A.B.C. Italia” are not only limited to provide Italy and Europe with a quick fix solution, but to ensure that the entire region remains one of the cultural and strategic epicentres of the Developed World.

A.B.C. Italia (Italia, Abbiamo Bisogno di Crescita) is available in both paperback and digital formats – Recommended retail price: Eur 6,40 / GBP 5,00:
Paperback – ISBN 9781291943238 – Link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/stefano-fugazzi/abc-italia-italia-abbiamo-bisogno-di-crescita/paperback/product-21718346.html

eBook – ISBN 9781291953961 – Link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/stefano-fugazzi/abc-italia-italia-abbiamo-bisogno-di-crescita/ebook/product-21719750.html