The Manhattan of London


If you want to see a little Manhattan in the city of London, you can find it in Canary Wharf, situated in Tower Hamlets, east London. It is one of the main financial centres in the UK where the highest buildings of Europe such as the One Canada Square can be found. Canary Wharf is also defined as ‘a city in the City’.

In Canary Wharf the office’s surface is around 14,000,000 square feet. The neighbourhood hosts the most known banks such as Barclays, J.P. Morgan and Citigroup. There is not just business in Canary, but also residents. The majority of the apartments are very small and comfortable.

In Canary Wharf people are always in a hurry; the main square is surrounded by clocks in order to remember that “time is money” so they cannot stop even just for a minute, because every day in Canary Wharf a money could be lost, or could be earned.


If you really want to feel the Manhattan atmosphere you have to see it in the night, when all the buildings are enlightened and one can have a magical feeling.


So do not miss the chance of visiting this amazing area of London!