Guns N’ Roses in London – 16th and 17th June at London Stadium


London (by Rosita Pirulli)

“The most dangerous band in the world” is coming back – Guns N’ Roses are going to play a gig at London Stadium on 16th and 17th June.

After the breakage of the band, they have switched back recently: the guitarist Saul Hudson (Slash) and the bassist Michael Andrew McKagan, known asDuff Mckagan’, decided to reappear in 2016 with their colleague Axl Rose. In fact, they are debuting with one of their first albums, ‘Appetite for destruction’, playing the most sung and known singles of rock music: ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’, ‘Paradise City’, ‘Welcome to the Jungle’; among their covers there are ‘Knocking on Heavens’ Doors’ and ‘Let it die’.

Not in this Lifetime’ Tour has already started at the beginning of 2016, but the Guns N’ Roses have decided to extend the stages in North America, Europe, New Zeeland, Australia, and Asia for the new year. Among the European stages listed in their notebooks there are: Dublin, Imola, Stockholm, Prague, Paris, Vienna, Madrid, Zurich, Bilbao, Lisbon and many others. Videos of the latest concerts are on the web, showing Axl Rose like an old buccaneer: sitting on a great throne with a foot support.

He got an injury to the fifth metatarsal during a concert in Los Angeles. As Rose posted on Twitter: “This is what might happen when you do something that you did not use to do for nearly 23 years.” However, what is not broken is his voice: accompanied by the most famous solos of Slash, he excites the audience.

The adrenalin is also growing in the UK: London is running out of tickets and sales are going up. The countdown is almost over and the lovers of rock are ready to welcome the bad boys, who are as energetic and brilliant as in the past.