The first fitness nightclub opens in London


London – by Chiara Fiorillo

Combining sport and fun is possible: the first fitness night club has just opened in London. Through the combination of music and workout, The Arches seems to be a good alternative to every person’s sport routine. The new initiative, organised by Ministry of Sound, one of the most famous clubs in the City, is called Ministry Does Fitness.

The idea behind it is to create a parallel between sport activities and amusement: music is loud as it is normally in a club, but people wear comfortable clothes allowing them to work out easily. The union of music and sport, indeed, seems to foster people’s wellbeing and to create positive mood.

Every class has a well-organised playlist, aiming to make people work harder and get better results. Classes run from Monday to Sunday and there is everything from sculpting to strengthening, from lengthening to tum-toning, to fat burning. Classes can be booked online and a timetable is available on the website of the club. It is also possible to buy packages which offer weekly or monthly deals to save same extra money.

While doing sport, you can buy and enjoy a protein shake or a coffee from the club’s bar, to help you feel more motivated.

The Arches, whose address is Arches 80 and 81, Newington Court, London, SE1 6DDseems to be already a successful business, which people who love music and sport in the same way really cannot miss.