Credits: Panorama

According to bookmakers, Francesco Gabbani, with his song Occidentali’s Karma, is the favourite singer of Eurovision Song Contest 2017.

At the moment, many people are gambling and Italy is quoted at 2.37 by bet365.

It is impossible not to dance or sing when listening to Gabbani’s song: it has more than 50 million views on Youtube only in Italy, but also in Europe people sympathize with the dancing monkey.

But why is he so successful?
Probably because his song is cool, direct, straightforward. Coming from Carrara, Gabbani grew up with his music and his passion, always determined to experience more.

His previous success Amen was already different from common songs, but Occidentali’s Karma will make the history of music for sure.

In Kiev, Ukraine, people are waiting for Gabbani. But the race will not be easy, as the Italian singer will have to compete with international artists, such as Robin Bengtsson, Salvador Sobral and Blanche.

Gabbani’s music is engaging, it makes you happy. Occidentali’s Karma is indeed appreciated even though its text is not in English.

If Gabbani wins, the Eurofestival will take place in Italy next year, according to tradition, in order to honour the winner.

It is true that the favourite singers are not always the winners though. The whirlwind Conchita Wurst, for example, who had been undererrated before the competition, in the end has become one of the most famous stars not only in Europe, but all over the world.