Matt Graham, a British writer talks about the dark history of the USA

Credit: Hollywood Stage Magazine - Matt Graham, cowriter of "The untold history of the United States"

London (Rosita Pirulli) – Matt Graham, a British writer talks about the dark history of The USA

Matt Graham is a British writer now settled in the USA well known for its talks about the untold facts about USA’s history. This journey  throughout the dark American routes started with Oliver Stone. The famous American writer and filmmaker was looking for a cowriter to complete his dream: a ten part documentary series about the unknown side of American History, now well known as “The Untold History of the United States”.

A writer who talks about other countries tales may be subjected to criticism but at the same time: “Outsiders often have the best perspectives because they can be objective and have fresh perspectives” – as Mr Graham said.

This is one of the reason why Oliver Stone chose him after having discovered to have in common the same passion: history. It was the Graham’s script about the British mercenaries in Angola in the 1970’s that caught the attention of Oliver Stone who decided to hire him.

From that time Matt has been recognised as a historical writer, now involved in several projects. He now lives and works in America. He told, one time, he is not the only one British writer who works in Hollywood. In order to get hired in those environments you have to: ‘write well and have good ideas’ – Matt underlines. 

However, there is a difference between writing in EU and writing in Hollywood: in the US writing means mainly ‘entertaining’. This is why a writer in LA can adapt his script in several ways, including TV and cinema and if you are not able to entertain your audience, then you will be easily cancelled.

Consequently, Matt Graham looks at LA as a centre of revolution in storytelling, in which writers can express theirselves more creatively. Nevertheless, ‘living by writing is very, very difficult’ says Matt, unless you are very ambitious and you keep to be perseverant in what you are doing and writing. 

Such profession was an occasion for Matt to discover the world by travelling  between Hollywood and Latin America for example and getting incredible experiences that a person can hardly forget in life. 

Amongst his trips, Matt got also the chance to write a movie in Mumbai recently, for example, directed by one of India’s biggest directors, Abhinay Deo. 

As he highlighted, such a life can be great and engaging as well as stressful but:  ‘its a price you pay without question if you’re creative and ambitious.  Those of us that do this, I think we all feel the same way’.