London (Giulia Faloia) – Renzo Piano is one of the greatest Italian talents who has became famous also abroad, in the most famous cities of the world such as Paris, Oslo, New York, Tokyo and London. 

That’s why London will host the architect on the 15th October in the Royal Academy, Piccadilly. He will talk about his work, philosophy and life.

Renzo Piano started to work in Italy and he achieved the first, great assignments there, such as the Triennale in Milan, Olivetti in Turin and the Italian stand for the Expo in Osaka.

He got the first work abroad in England, when he was 31. In fact he was one of the author of the Grafton Centre in Cambridge.

Following the chronological order, it’s impossible not to talk about his most famous building in London: The Shard, the highest skyscraper in European Union.

Piano’s building is in Southwark – a London’s neighborhood looking out onto the Thame – and it is 310 meter tall. It has the shape of an irregular pyramid and it is completely covered by glass.

The entire work costed 435 millions of pounds, more than 560 millions of euros. Inside the building you can find 72 habitable floors and a total of 87.

In addition the skyscraper has became one of the most recognizable referring points of London. In fact you can easily see it from every corner of the City and perfectly incorporated in it, putting together the ancient and the modern soul of London.

The beauty of Renzo Piano’s works is also in their diversity. Compared to The Shard, Saint Giles Court – or Central St. Giles – is a completely different building and its colors are the protagonists.

This is a group of buildings between Covent Garden and Bloomsbury, with different highness, position, light effect and – especially – colors. The entire project involves 11 shops and restaurants and 109 flats. Furthermore inside the compound there is a 2000 square foot square.

In 2014 The News Building was opened and it replaced the old name of London Bridge Place. It seems the younger brother of The Shard, since they are so closed and it was built  to counteract the older building. In fact The News Building is also called “The Baby Shard”.

The official name is due to News UK, such an important British editor that reports to News Corporation by Rupert Murdoch. In fact the major press affiliations controlled by the society are in the buildings, such as Wall Street Journal, Times, Sunday Times, The Sun and the offices of the editor HarperCollins.

In 2013 they started a project that hasn’t been finished yet: The Fielden House. La “house” should be in St. Thomas Street, incorporated with the place and linked to The Shard and the News Building.

The project includes a 26 floor tower, higher than the News Building, but less wide. It should have 150 flats that will be mainly inhabited.

Every Architecture’s lover in London can’t absolutely miss the opportunity to meet Renzo Piano next October.