UK/EU/Italian-Chinese Connections.


London – Event organized by the “British Chinese Youth Federation” with some Europeans nominated for their connections with China or the Chinese community in EU.

Last year among the Europeans awarded were the former “NASA” Angelica Anton founding partner of “Silk Ventures” businessman Maurizio Bragagni CEO of “Tratos” and Christian Vinante Giovannini political/social activist.

After a three-year collaboration, Giovannini has recently been elected Deputy Director of the “BCYF”.

His task is to select European candidates for the 2018 event that will be celebrated at the Westminster Palace on January 24, 2019. 2 of the event sponsors are Silk Ventures” owned by Angelica Anton and “EMD” owned by Domenico Meliti. It follows below article of “Reuters Asia” with some 2018 candidates and past winners.

Big Ben Award 2018 Candidates Announced: Lang Lang, Justin Bieber, Kelly Wang, Leo Appel, Yuzuru Hanyu, Negin Khapalwak, Diana Wang, Kangyang Steven Zhang and Rupert Hoogewerf Shortlisted for the Global Outstanding Young Persons {read more}