London – Trafalgar Square this week end : The West End Live Show 2019


London ( Maria Vittoria Bognetti ) What is there to do in London this weekend? Well, the answer is easy: West End Live 2019 !

The stage is already set, and throughout the whole weekend, great performers from the most important West End musicals, from the Lion King, Mamma Mia to Thriller live, just to name a few, will perform short sets at Trafalgar Square.
Presented by Westminster City Council and the Society of London Theatre, the annual event will start Saturday, from 11am to 5pm, up until Sunday, from 12am to 5pm, and it will see performing more than 50 artists throughout the weekend. From the refreshments to the interaction and the merchandise, the event is family-friendly

Whether you cannot make it to the show, everything will be recorded and shared on the many social media platforms so that everyone can participate, and also have a sneak peek about the behind-the-scenes content.
The show does not require any tickets, indeed it is all free to the public, so just come and
enjoy the show!