New anti-terror plan to be announced tomorrow for Germany


GERMANY – Germany’s Interior Minister, Thomas de Maiziere, will be announcing new anti-terror measures tomorrow, following the two attacks – claimed by the so-called Islamic group – that happened in the country recently: one, an ax attack on a crowded train in Wuerzburg, and the other a suicide bombing in Ansbach.

According to local media reports and as reported by the BBC as well, there are plans to ban and deport migrants for being a “threat to public security”, to increase the use of video surveillance, to speed up the process of deporting migrants who are convicted of crimes, forbid the public usage of burka (full veil), to forbid radical Islamist funding of mosques and to allow doctors to break their confidentiality agreement if they think one of their patients could be planning a terrorist attack. A possible ban on dual citizenship is also in the talks.

In addition to these bans, it is planned that 15,000 more police units will be added nationwide to surveille urban areas and crowded places like train stations and airports – their weapons and equipment will also be improved -, a special police cyber defence unit will be created as well as powers to investigate suspects as young as 14.