Visit London with homeless

Luisa Liu
London- Visit London with homeless: cheaper for you and helpful for they.
Visiting a city with homeless people who live there every day, so that it’s like you are donating your money to homeless, is such a great idea of Unseen Tours. Therefore homeless become new tour guide.
In fact, homeless take tourists around the city and tell them the HISTORY of some different areas of London, such as Camden, London Bridge, Covent Garden, Brick Lane and Shoreditch, …and why not? Their own STORIES.
Yes, homeless people’s personal stories are their strength, since most of the time their stories are so touching and moving that it is very hard to keep from crying. Moreover their stories are unique and full of thought-provoking experiences.
David is, for instance, the guide tour of London Bridge, whereas Mike, the tour guide of Camden, Pete of Brick, Viv of Convent Garden and Henri of Shoreditch. By way of example, the story of the latter is the following: he was degree in design and had a quiet life until something very sad happened… the divorce, the unemployment and the mortgage… so all these events  forced him to sleep on the street.

This important initiative has already met a lot of success, due to two main reasons. First above all tourists can explore not-well-known alleys and hidden side and discover interesting details and anecdotes, things that standard tour guides just ignore. Secondly, but not less important, homeless can get an income, which can help them to come (back) to a dignified existence.
 The tours arranged by the website start from about 2pm and end around 4pm.
Shoreditch tour includes the grave of William Blake, the first theatre in London of Shakespeare, the prison of secret services, some work of Bansky, the place where Beatles had their Photoshoot.
Camden tour is full of music and od contrast between poor areas and Primrose Hill, the celebrities” luxury neighbourhood.
Covent Garden and London Bridge tours are both full of history.
Brick Lane is a great multinational, multifaith, multicultural society, so the tour point the heel at this target.
You can book the ticket here: £12.
Soon we will interview some homeless so that they can express their own opinion about the project.