Stefano Potortì: “London is a very competitive market, which rewards successful people”


London – by Chiara Fiorillo

Stefano Potortì, Italian entrepreneur and founder of “The Localist”, was interviewed by London One Radio and he talked about his business, giving hope to many young people who want to become businessmen.

“The Localist” is in St John Street, Farringdon, a very central zone. The closest stations are Barbican, St Paul’s, Chancery Lane and Farringdon. This area has many Italian characteristics and this creates a strong sense of community.

Stefano started working with his company Sagitter One to help London entrepreneurs finding the right location, staff and suppliers, as well as creating a brand and an internet website.

Starting from that experience, Potortì decided to create “The Localist”: it is open every day from Monday to Saturday; it is closed on Sunday.

How was the name “The Localist” created?

Almost by chance. At the beginning, we thought we should create something international, therefore after doing some brainstorming we suggested “The Optimist”. However, later our lawyer found out that “The Optimist” already existed. So, after some more brainstorming, we thought about “The Localist”.

You have been very brave during Brexit.

Yes. Actually, we don’t know where we will be in two years’ time, but we know that in every crisis time there are many opportunities.

I invested a lot and I am quite sure London will still be an open and multicultural city.

What about the menu?

We have a lot of dishes for all sorts of people: from three types of hamburger (meat, fish and vegetarian) to fish & chips, from pasta to meat, from grilled fish to salads. Fried peppers, which you can also eat as an aperitif, as a snack or to go with your cocktail, are our best-seller at the moment.

Care to share a nibble? Try our pardon peppers with aioli for a distinctive and creamy taste! 😊🌶

Posted by The Localist on Thursday, 4 May 2017


And for vegans?

There are two vegan salads and two vegan desserts, that is to say panna cotta and millefoglie.

What’s the mood of “The Localist”?

Everyone is very friendly: the team loves to interact with customers, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Also, the kitchen is in view, so sometimes chefs can talk to clients as well.

And what about music?

We have several playlists to play in different parts of the day and on different days of the week.

From June on, every Tuesday night we will have live music.

We think people should still be able to talk to each other in the restaurant, therefore music does not have to be too loud.

Then, every Thursday night we will have a dj playing from 6pm to midnight.

What would you suggest to a young entrepreneur who wants to kick-start his career?

You must work a lot, being able to offer a different product, being patient and letting other people know about your business. During the first months, you will invest a lot. But London is a very competitive market which rewards successful people.

You can listen to the whole interview here