Giuseppe Diele, the Royal wedding Italian suit artist


London (Giuseppe Fabio Ciccomoscalo) The sartorial production fascinates more and more young businessmen and abroad the Made in Italy is sought after and beloved.

The Italian bespoke designer and tailorist Giuseppe Diele knows how to export Made in Italy and how to make it excel in the dress world, making of his immense passion an exciting and profitable work. With views and frequent trips to London and with rising prospects in Paris, New York and Dubai for a complete menswear. From coats to shoes.

“My family has been dealing with clothing for almost 50 years. We’ve been wearing women and childrens before “moving” only to men bespoke,” Diele said to Italoeuropeo.

Diele, who inherited this passion from his mom, comes from Altamura, a town well known for the textile market.

Altamura has got a huge presence in the packaging segment, with Locorotondo specializing in male packaging and a subdivision between tailoring and industry. In the territory of Giuseppe Diele, the core business was supplanted for a few decades by the district of the living room with the giant Natuzzi.

Today, many young artisans have created a team. Thats is the case of Giuseppe Diele, who claims to have put on “an orchestra”. Which varies from 3 to 8 elements.

“Alone you can only make noise, if you put together many musicians in an orchestra of music masters you can do a lot. I am a bit ‘the frontman, I have the task of selling and taking care of customer relationships,” he added.

The modeling is created in the laboratory, with sketches. But often the modeller is hired from time to time, also because “the modeller must interface, must open his head to others, must be a globetrotter. He cannot stop working with just one company,” the expert tailorist said.

In the great outcry of Instagram and the thousand profiles of influencers with entire brigades of young people as well as members of the Nga Club, where beautiful young people are photographed continuously with charming clothes, Diele, lover of Giorgio Armani’s good taste, follows another school of thought.

“Many young people today tend to get impatient, hiding themselves with ridicule, but it is an all-Italian phenomenon.

In London, where I work a lot, I prefer a clean product. The social media must show the influencer and season so much to embellish the look, Instagram in the last year has supplanted all the other social for companies. In reality, there is anything more beautiful than seeing a happy man in his suit: there is no better advertising than a client who is satisfied. I almost never photograph our clothes, otherwise it is almost obvious that the next customer wants the same suit. We work with tailor-made clothes, in a context where there is a lot of barbarism.”

In the world of menswear there are those who tailor a jacket, adapting to sizes, and who instead offers the customer a card, to measure, with the bespoke, that is a dress, which literally became “discussion” with the tailor to use only the centimeter of the measures.

In the United Kingdom, men’s clothing is in a golden age.

“Currently I am dedicating myself to England, because it is responding very well, the market is flourishing, there is not euro, customers buy having a greater purchasing power. There we sell one thing, which for us is trivial: Made in Italy.

But there it is absolutely not trivial, just a few hours from Italy, if only we wanted, we could do a lot more without having the greed of the big brands of having to produce in Bulgaria.

Made in Italy in the United Kingdom as elsewhere is synonymous of good taste. Everyone recognizes Italian style, we make the difference in dressing.”

What are the characteristics of Italian style? The answer is simple for Diele. “Fit, the length of the trousers, the fitting of the jacket, which must be dry at the waist with the shoulder without the shoulder, unstructured”.

Italians have been able to mix the two biggest schools of the jacket, the very hard English one with the canvas and shoulder straps at 2 cm and the Neapolitan one with the jacket with mappings.

Diele loves to talk about these aspects. “We merged the two trends as we created the destructured jacket, which is normal for Italy, but for the rest of the world is still a big news.

I had the pleasure of making clothes for the American showman of the program the Cake Boss, because his mother comes from Altamura, where they shot several episodes. Last year, he came to us, we made him a couple of jackets. The collections for America must be much broader.

The Italian jacket is distinguished and loved for its good taste, which is not obvious elsewhere. I have a client of Pakistani origin, a billionaire in the building sector in Dubai, he telephones me and sends me messages also for the pairings. The difference between Italians and others is all here.”

So many are the vices of men. Diele also follows them for the wedding outfit. From the initials etched not only on the shirts, but also on the shoes, made by a small workshop in the Marche with the leather from their tanned in Fermo.

“My obsession is the jacket, I always try to improve it, adapt it to the styles of fashion,” he says.

Now, the big news for the Southern Italian tailorist : Diele will make suits for at least three guests of the Royal wedding to be held in May between Prince Harry and his girlfriend, US actress Meghan Markle.

“It’s a big achievement to me and I can’t express my satisfaction and pride to have been called to dress Royal wedding’s guests. It will be a great chance to me to make Italian style visible in front of the entire world,” Diele concludes.