London (Caterina Moser) – Brexit will give Britain the “freedom to deliver the British dream”, Theresa May said in exclusive interview with Daily Express. The prime minister showed her most optimistic vision yet of how the “divorce” with Brussels will benefit the whole the country.

She said that Brexit gives the opportunity to built a better future and to realise the famous British dream. Theresa May added: “Brexit gives us opportunity to have the freedom to be able to deliver that in a way that we haven’t been before”. The freedom to spend billions of pounds on the priorities of the country.

The prime minister spoke on the eve of the EU Summit, which is taking place on 19th and 20th of September in Salzburg.

The Summit is an important step, because the British government will present the – so called – “Chequers deal”. It considers the only alternative to the no-deal. The informal Summit in Salzburg will be the first time for the EU leaders to sit together since Theresa May presented her “Chequers Brexit” proposal to them.

The Brexit deal is about the future relationships between the EU and the UK and it is putting on table “what we think is the right plan for the UK and deliver a good deal for the EU”, said Theresa May.

Regardless, the most difficult battle that May is afraid to face is at home.
From September the 30th to October the 3rd, there will be the annual Tory congress in Birmingham. During those 4 days, we will understand if the leader of the Tories has the 320 votes that they need to pass the agreement to the House of Commons.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond warned of “dire consequences” from crashing out of the EU. Siding with the International Monetary Fund, Hammond said that a no-deal Brexit risks wiping out Britain’s 10-year recovery from the economic crash. These kind of warnings have sparked new tensions between the Canchellor and the prime Minister Theresa May.

Moreover, in last few days the speculation over May’s position as prime minister became harsher. For example, at the end of August, Jacob Rees-Mogg sent a message to some Tory activists encouraging them to ditch Theresa May’s soft Brexit plan and quit the EU with no deal.

In a BBC interview, Theresa May said she gets “irritated” and the debate should be about the country’s future rather than her own.

Meanwhile, few days ago, the mayor of London Sadiq Khan called for a second Brexit Referendum. He criticised Theresa May’s handling of Brexit negotiations with EU. According to Mr Khan, time is running out and UK is now facing a “bad deal” or a “no deal”.

Regarding a second vote, Ms May is being clear: “We gave people the opportunity to make a choice. They made that choice”. Demanding a second Brexit referendum risks shattering trust in Westminster.

“This was probably the biggest exercise in democracy in our country’s history. If we were to go back on that vote, it would destroy trust in politicians” said the prime minister.