“We will not pass any law negating the rights of Italian and European citizens”: MP Alberto Costa explains

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London – by Chiara Fiorillo

Brexit is still making people discuss and it is creating some confusion. Alberto Costa, Conservative MP, explained what could happen after the exit from the European Union. He spoke to London One Radio, the official Italian radio in London.

The outcome of the EU referendum changed the political scenario. What will happen to Italian people living in the UK?

There should be no panic. Last 23rd June, I and my colleagues gave people the power to decide whether remaining in or leaving an institution called European Union. The community decided to leave it: Great Britain is still part of Europe, but it is leaving the formal institution called EU. We have many Italian residents and students here: things will not change drastically, but we will have a new relationship with the European Union. Great Britain has always been a very open country: before joining the EU in 1972, we accepted many people from all over the world.

When article 50 is triggered, will European citizens have problems in entering and exiting the country?

When article 50 is triggered, there will be many negotiations and the whole process will take up to 24 months. During that period, we will still be part of the EU: people will be able to enter and leave the country normally. After Brexit, European laws will be absorbed into English law and they will be the same until the government decides to change them. There is no reason to panic: nobody will be sent away, because we will not pass any law negating the rights of Italian and European citizens, but only laws changing the future.

MP Alberto Costa

Are you not worried about the negotiations with the EU?

The process will be difficult, but I am sure there will be an agreement in the end, otherwise both our economies would suffer. We want to be clear: even though we are leaving the EU, we still want to see a strong union, because this is very important for the safety of the world.

What about the increase in prices?

The value of sterling decreased by 10% after 23rd June, but this can be a positive sign for tourism. The reality is that Brexit has not begun yet, but we are in a phase of “calm before the storm”. During the storm, we will have to be strong and resist.

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